Steering Install

The steering box seems to work fine, so I filled it with Quaker State gear lubricant and reinstalled. The key to this install is to loosen the link on the steering shaft and slide it up towards the firewall. Mark it first so you know where to slide it back. Then bolt the steering box in and slide the link back into place and bolt it to the flex coupling.

The last thing to go on are the new steerings links.

It's now officially back on the road.

Five Speed

I found a 320i 5 speed on Ebay a while back. Mike Hannigan sent me a shortened drive shaft. I then called Dave Varco for everything else. He sent me the trans mounts, a new 215 clutch, slave cylinder, and various other hardware.

Kunkel's in Bel Air resurfaced the flywheel.

The new mounts from Dave bolt in a few inches behind the originals.

The slave cylinder was connected using an Ireland Engineering clutch line. Make sure you tighten the hard line before installing the trans. It's tough to get in there afterwards.

Connected the new clutch from Dave.

The trans fits nicely after a few well positioned hammer blows. I filled it with Amsoil ATF.

I am using a four bolt setup. Some people use the 3 bolt shaft from a 320i. Shouldn't really make a difference.

The shift tower is from a 320i. We cut off a few inches with a chop saw. A hammer flattened out the area where the new mount holes had to be drilled. We used the chop saw again to cut a few inches out of the shift linkage. Gavin then welded and ground it to perfection.

At that point the drive shaft and shifter can go in. It's almost ready to roll.