New Wheels for the 325is

BMW purists are gonna hate me, but I bought a new set of non BMW wheels. The Michelin's were getting bald and dangerous in the rain. I've always wanted to step up to 17s, but could never find the right deal. While shopping on I found this set of Sport Edition (TireRack's house brand) for $75 a piece. Add in a set of General Exclaim summer tires (the highest rated in the class), mounting, balancing, and shipping and I was able to go from 15s to 17s for $675. For a daily driver, you can't beat the price. So far the tires are better than I ever expected. Quiet and sticky. I think the car looks great.

New Exhaust Hangers for the 325

I found that one of my stock exhaust mounts was broken. Since I have an M3 exhaust system, I ordered the heavy duty M3 hangers from Bavarian Auto. They are much more solid that the stock 325 units. Spraying the rusty bolts with "Blaster" the night before made the job easy.