June 2006

The first goal is to get the car running so we can evaluate what the long term plan should be. I pulled off the wheels and had the old tires removed. I cleaned the wheels up and repainted them silver. We put a set of Pep Boy's basic 185/70-13s on for now. I still need to polish the trim rings and center caps. The engine compartment got a battery, coil, spark plugs, and new oil and filter. We siphoned out the old gas and poured in a few gallons of new stuff. A few sprays of carb cleaner caused the car to come to life for a second, but it obviously wasn't running on gasoline. We took and Weber off and pulled it apart. The gas had turned to jelly because the car sat in the desert for a few years. The floats were stuck to the bottom of the bowl and the jets were completely clogged. A can of carb cleaner and a rebuild kit solved the problem. The engine fired right up and idled. It sounds great. We only ran it for a minute because of the coolant issue. The goose neck on top of the engine has a hole in the casting. I'd love to know what caused that. A replacement is one the way and we can top off the coolant after it is installed.