e30 Alternator Upgrade

I have an electric fuel pump. I wanted to add an electric fan and someday I may put a radio in this car. I figured it was time to upgrade the alternator. I decided to follow Zenon's How-To.

I called up Terry Sayther Auto, and Rhett sent me the E30 alternator and required brackets.

The installation is really easy using the above mentioned instructions. The new bracket makes belt adjustments really easy.

While I had the radiator out I installed a 12" electric fan. The fan's adjustable thermostat fits nicely where the voltage regulator used to be.

September 2006

Engine runs great now. I did not realize that the timing had to be set at 1400 rpm. Smooth idle now.
I also installed new stainless steel brake hoses from Ireland Engineering to solve what felt like binding as I pulled away from stop signs.