July 2006

Installed new plug wires. The old ones were falling apart. Traced a few wires through the engine compartment to solve a gauge problem and to more permanently connect the coil.
The transmission shakes like crazy. It's a four speed…probably the original. The trans mount is completely split in half. The guibo is split into 3 pieces. The shift mount bracket is held together with a home made bracket and mismatched bolts. This car must have been off road at some point in it's life. It's time to rebuild this area. First we drained the transmission fluid. There was less than a cup of fluid in the case. That's probably not good. Only a few flakes of metal on the magnetic plug so hopefully it is fine. We started by taking apart the shift lever from inside the car. We removed the trans bolts that we could reach from the engine compartment. Then we got underneath. We unbolted the transmission mount bracket and guibo. We kept unbolting parts of the driveshaft until we could slide it out of the trans.