Front Subframe Removal

With the new front subframe painted and ready to go in, I needed to remove the old one. The problem is that the subframe supports the engine. I really did not want to pull the engine so I decided to support it from above. Using a scrap 2×6 and a pair of 500 lb tie down straps, I built a cradle. I am using the header and the intake as my support points. The rear of the engine is still supported by the transmission mount. [Disclaimer: I'm not sure that this is the smartest thing to do. So please do not consider this a how-to. If you know of a better method, please email me.]

I then disconnected two of the bolts at the flexible steering coupling. I loosened the driver's side engine mount nut and removed the nut from the passenger side mount. I then supported the subframe with a jack, removed the six bolts, and carefully lowered it. Here is a picture of the old subframe. I need to degrease the steering box and swap it on to the new subframe.

In other news….I found a set of generic seats on eBay for next-to-nothing. I need to fabricate a set of mounts. They should be good enough for now. Maybe I will look for something nicer in a few years.

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