Front Subframe Installation

There is a lot of debate on the about how to correctly use POR-15. My experience with this front subframe is that POR-15 sticks great to freshly sandblasted metal. We will see how it holds up as the years go by, but here's a picture of the finished product:

I am really happy with it. The hardware in the picture spent a night or so in a gallon can of parts cleaner that I got from Salvo Auto Parts.

My passenger side motor mount seemed to be splitting apart so I bolted up the one that Casey gave me. Here is a picture of the whole assembly going back in. I will install the steering later. I need to mess with the transmission first.

Installation is the opposite of removal as they say. I supported the part under the car with a jack and scrap 2×4. I lined up the driver side motor mount first and then raised the jack until the passenger side mount slipped into place.

The new Ireland sway bar mounts come with longer bolts to compensate for the thickness of the aluminum blocks.

After torquing everything to the published specs I removed the cradle and straps that I used to support the engine during the swap.

Next up are the struts and suspension arms.

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