Front Suspension

The front suspension is back together. There are a lot of new parts. As I said back in December, the front subframe and suspension arms were in bad shape. KC set me up with parts from a donor car.

I then moved on to the struts. They've been cleaned up and painted with black rustoleum. A good trick I learned was to warm the cans in warm water in the sink. You get a better finish if the can is a little above room temperature. New Bilstein sports arrived from Ireland Engineering.

New ball joints were connected to powder coated steering arms. I also got a set of powder coated dust shields from KC. The springs are Ireland Stage II.

The strut mounts are new OEM parts.

I put the stock rotors and brakes back on. I have a set of Volvo calipers, but that's a project for another day. Everything was tied together with an Ireland sway bar.

The ride height with the Stage II's and 185/13s is 23.5″ to the lip in the front…

…and 23″ in the rear.

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